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Project 365, 173-179

173/365: With all this extra morning time on my hands, I have the time and energy to try out new recipes. I made drunken zucchini noodles, and bought a new rug for the kitchen. And I wore a zebra print dress - what a day!

174/365: We sat and watched one of the best thunderstorms that has rolled through here in a long time. The sky after a storm is my absolute favorite type of sky - look at those clouds! I also spent the day cleaning and organizing things around the apartment... my jewelry hadn't been organized in years, so I finally got rid of some useless pieces and now have only the most lovely pieces to choose from.

175/365: Healthy breakfasts! What's your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? I love Trader Joe's greek yogurt with granola and fresh fruit. Or multigrain english muffins with jam and almond butter.

176/365: Oh hai, soap, you look so strange.

177/365: The sweetest little face. We have the boys eating 'diet' food because Lloyd is such a chubster. You …

Fun Finds Friday #95

What a lovely necklace!

I was looking at aprons for work and I love this one... it's a little too bright for where I work though.

Anthro always has great, comfy basics. (And they're having a huge sale right now!)

This gradient color puzzle looks pretty difficult.

I caught a ghost on Google Maps!

+ Inspiring quotes turned into comics.
+ I try not too get opinionated about politics on here... but this is absolutely ridiculous.
+ While we're at it, let's talk about overparenting...
+ Life advice from cats.
+ Pizza boy becomes pizza man.
+ Loved this post about how to host a game night for adults.

Happy Friday!!

Project 365, 166-172

166/365: Making Nutella brownie muffins. Yep, those are dinosaur muffin liners.

167/365: Got my first StitchFix box! Nothing wow-ed me though... hopefully the next one will be better!

168/365: Shawn and I had a day off together, so we went disc-golfing early, before the temperature rose and the crowds showed up.

169/365: The desk invasion of June 2015.

170/365: Let's play How Many Toys Can You Place on Sylvester.

171/365: A critter visitor!

172/365: Weirdos.

I went a little heavy on the cat photos last week because it was my first week at my new job and my head just wasn't in the photo game. I love the job though! Things have been easy to learn, and all of my new colleagues are super nice. And I've been enjoying having mornings to putz around the house, run errands, go to yoga classes, and do general somewhat-productive things that I didn't have a chance to do when I was working 9-5. The schedule change has been nice, but it would be nicer if someone would tell my brai…

Amy's Bridal Shower

My friend Amy is getting married in August, and she asked her three best friends to be in her bridal party. Her friend Billy lives out of the country, so the other maid of honor, Alyson, and I took it upon ourselves to throw Amy a bridal shower, with lots of help from her family. We decided to have it at her house, and asked her mom to take her out and distract her while a few of us decorated the backyard for the shower. What ensued was something "very Pinterest-worthy"... as we were told by a few people at the shower!

Alyson is the queen of DIY and made all of the decorations herself! With her crafting skills and my kitchen skills, we threw a heck of a party! We went with a wine & cheese theme, and a teal/pink/gold color scheme. She spray painted wine and beer bottles white and dipped the bottoms in gold glitter, then we tossed some pink peonies in them. She also made a bride-to-be banner out of burlap and paint, and made a wooden A & E sign in the color scheme, wi…

Fun Finds Friday #94

This galaxy wrapping paper is so cool!

Animal selfies for science!

Sometimes you need little reminders.

+ One of my favorite things about languages is things that can't be translated literally.
+ An interesting look at the hourly wage you need to make to afford a 2-bedroom apartment and live comfortably.
+ Yay for cheap grocery stores! Where was all that food going before?!
+ I enjoyed reading this.
+ (Rough) photoshopping across countries.
+ Sooooo there's something called CatCon? I don't know that I would go to one though.
+ Would you spend the night in a museum on a robotic bed?

Happy Friday!!!

The Cat Life - Cat Tower

This cat tower used to belong to my parents' cats, Bamboo and Mushu. When they passed, we took it home with us and Lloyd and Sylvester have been using it every single day since. It's starting to look a little shabby though... the top-most tier fell off during our last move and we were never able to reattach it, and the bottom legs have been scratched down to the cardboard layer underneath. Of course, the cats don't care that it's an eyesore and continue to use it anyway... but I've been looking for a new tower for the past few months. We haven't found anything we like in a price range we are willing to pay. So, this shabby tower stays put, for now. That chair next to it is also something we've been meaning to get rid of... I don't think a human has sat in that for over a year! (Good thing too, because the bottom of it is partially broken and might give out under the weight of a non-feline body...) But something keeps stopping us from throwing it away. …

Project 365, 159-165

159/365: My friend/colleague Jami gave me a cute bag filled with fruit on our last day working together.

160/365: Sylvester is always judging me.

161/365: Shawn said he got me something as a surprise..... I was not expecting a key lime pie!!

162/365: Margaritas with the girls from work as a bittersweet celebration of change.

163/365: Tried something new for dinner.... open-faced caprese chicken sandwiches. Yum!

164/365: Co-hosted my friend Amy's bridal shower! Months of planning, and all of a sudden, it was time!

165/365: When in doubt, cats.

I don't have much to say about last week except that I really hope to never leave a job and host a bridal shower in the same week ever again. Talk about not sleeping! Of course my last week at work was filled with projects... which meant I spent my Friday night scouring the grocery store, baking cupcakes, making caprese skewers, frosting cupcakes, wrapping gifts, and locating my head to put it back atop my shoulders. But now I have a few …