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Project 365, 131-137


Silly cat.


New dress!


I think I owe you guys a post about Vain Pursuits...


He is such a cuddle monster!


Packing for a weekend trip to Florida...


I loved waking up to this view in the mornings and eating breakfast by the water.


Munched on salad, samosas, cheese, and wine while watching a movie I had no desire to see, but you know how persuasive even the best girlfriends can be... *ahem*... Fifty Shades of Ridiculous....

I spent the weekend in southern Florida, visiting my friend Sam who I took a road trip with last year. We hadn't seen each other since then, so I booked some flights and arrived Friday night for a girl's weekend! (The best!!) I didn't take many photos, because we were too busy catching up and relaxing in the sun. It was amazing waking up to the warmth, the light, and the water each morning. I always forget how much I love "living" by the water until I find myself waking up to it. Such tranquility! The trip was amazing, and too short (always), and despite a few snafus with flights (Ugh! PHL! You suck!), I was able to relax better than I have been in a while. Sometimes it's nice to have a reset, even if only for a weekend. Of course, I missed Shawn and the little furry guys too, but it was nice to get away for some much needed girl time!


  1. Oooh I've been dying to take a Florida trip. It sure looks like you had a fun and relaxing time!

  2. I definitely did! You should go! Before it gets too hot down there.


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