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Mother's Day Tea

In case you're new here, or I just haven't mentioned it in a while... I work at a British-style tea shop. I'm the baker there, so I make all the scones, mini pastries, and assorted crusted-savory things. For some of the major restaurant holidays (Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day) we come up with a special menu that allows us to have a little fun and offer things we don't usually offer for tea. It tends to be a lot of prep work for the kitchen, but they're always fun to work because it's a set menu, which means we're serving the same thing all day (easy-peasy in the kitchen!). Everything is served on tiers, just like our usual tea, and people get their choice of beverage and scone, though I always come up with a special scone just for that day.

I rarely actually work any of the holiday teas, but this was my second year working the Mother's Day tea! It's a fun change up for me because my usual work day consists of prep, prep, and more prep. So when I get to work the actual line, it's, well, as Monty Python would say - "and now for something completely different!" I enjoy the change up every once in a while.

For this year's Mother's Day tea we served: waldorf chicken salad on croissants, truffled deviled eggs, crab cakes with ginger tomato jam, chilled cucumber mint soup, salted chocolate truffles, carrot cake, butterscotch blondies, key lime tarts, and lemon blueberry scones. Everything was a big hit!


  1. Shoot, I missed that!

  2. You would have enjoyed it :) But I can make all these things when I come to visit!

  3. Oh man, all those things look so good! I haven't had a croissant in so long, and I LOVE deviled eggs! It sounds fun to put together the holiday menus and be creative with it.


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