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Happy Little Accidents

There's an option on my phone to set the camera to voice command, which allows you to set the phone down and take a photo simply by saying words like "smile", "whiskey", or "kimchee" (who chose these words?!) I have it enabled, even though I don't actually use it very often. But this has led to my phone taking photos on its own when it thinks it hears a cue word... here are a few of those photos. (Spoiler: they're mostly photos of feet.) I wish I had thought to write down what was being said at the time when the photos were taken.


  1. These are pretty cool and I love the story behind them! That's a fun option,I wonder if my phone has that...

  2. You should check! At first I thought - "Why would I ever need to use that?!" - but it has actually proven to be quite useful when you need a hands-free shot! And for entertainment purposes, clearly.


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