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Fun Finds Friday #91

This little guy is so cute!!!

This guy took his cat camping!!

Awesome coffee cup art.

+ The science behind why cats purr.
+ Cats being dicks.
+ A great post about positive body image. You are beautiful.
+ These statistics are surprising, and yet, not.
+ Hi! I'm Marine and I want to live in a house made entirely of bamboo! (I'll even move to Bali!)

Happy Friday!

Happy Little Accidents

There's an option on my phone to set the camera to voice command, which allows you to set the phone down and take a photo simply by saying words like "smile", "whiskey", or "kimchee" (who chose these words?!) I have it enabled, even though I don't actually use it very often. But this has led to my phone taking photos on its own when it thinks it hears a cue word... here are a few of those photos. (Spoiler: they're mostly photos of feet.) I wish I had thought to write down what was being said at the time when the photos were taken.

The Cat Life - Snapshots

Project 365, 138-144

138/365: Blue skies on my last day in Florida.
On a side note, this round of flights had me feeling particularly nauseous... do any of my seasoned flying readers have any tips on how to avoid that? It's not something I've had trouble with in a long time, but for some reason, I felt sick to the point of having chills this time around.

139/365: Vanilla bourbon cupcakes for a friend's birthday!

140/365: We ate at a new-to-us local restaurant this week; we left feeling satiated and super impressed.

141/365: Pork tacos, because the week is not complete without tacos.

142/365: Full disclosure: I almost forgot to snap a photo this day. So here's one of the pile of stuff we still have to sort through in the office... it's not very high on our list of priorities.

143/365: I tried aerial yoga for the first time this weekend. It was... strange. I found it difficult to trust the silks. Yoga is about trusting your body and your self; aerial yoga adds gravity into the equation, …

Fun Finds Friday #90

A dress covered in ducks! (That collar!!!)

Cats with food prints.

One of my new favorites; this instagram documents street art from around the globe.

Did someone say cat cactus?!?!

+ A house designed for cats...
+ I love this idea!!! Also, this!
+ Can we start implementing grocery stores like this in America, please?
+ Some really great life advice.
+ Smartphones.
+ Great points about Disney movies.

Happy Friday!!

Project 365, 131-137


Silly cat.


New dress!


I think I owe you guys a post about Vain Pursuits...


He is such a cuddle monster!


Packing for a weekend trip to Florida...


I loved waking up to this view in the mornings and eating breakfast by the water.


Munched on salad, samosas, cheese, and wine while watching a movie I had no desire to see, but you know how persuasive even the best girlfriends can be... *ahem*... Fifty Shades of Ridiculous....

I spent the weekend in southern Florida, visiting my friend Sam who I took a road trip with last year. We hadn't seen each other since then, so I booked some flights and arrived Friday night for a girl's weekend! (The best!!) I didn't take many photos, because we were too busy catching up and relaxing in the sun. It was amazing waking up to the warmth, the light, and the water each morning. I always forget how much I love "living" by the water until I find myself waking up to it. Such tranquil…

Mother's Day Tea

In case you're new here, or I just haven't mentioned it in a while... I work at a British-style tea shop. I'm the baker there, so I make all the scones, mini pastries, and assorted crusted-savory things. For some of the major restaurant holidays (Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day) we come up with a special menu that allows us to have a little fun and offer things we don't usually offer for tea. It tends to be a lot of prep work for the kitchen, but they're always fun to work because it's a set menu, which means we're serving the same thing all day (easy-peasy in the kitchen!). Everything is served on tiers, just like our usual tea, and people get their choice of beverage and scone, though I always come up with a special scone just for that day.

I rarely actually work any of the holiday teas, but this was my second year working the Mother's Day tea! It's a fun change up for me because my usual work day consists of prep, prep, and more…

The Cat Life - Together

It has taken almost a year, but Lloyd has finally accepted Sylvester as part of the family. Though he has always been friendly with him, it hasn't been until recently that I've caught them really hanging out together. You won't find them curled up on the couch together, but they have been sleeping pretty close to each other in mirrored poses. Progress! It makes me happy to see them embracing this brotherhood we've imposed upon them.

Project 365, 124-130


New cat friends and a good mail day.


I made triple berry crisps that looked awesome!


Silly photos and Shawn's whiteboard drawings


Donuts before tacos, amiright?


Salted chocolate truffles for Mother's Day tea.


Terrain trip!


Garden in a box!

Most of the photos from last week were taken at work... we spent the week prepping for Mother's Day tea, and then I came in on Sunday to help work it. I'll be writing up a little post with photos from that soon! You guys don't get to see much of my work on here except for close ups of pastries every now and then. Well, actually, that's about all there is to it ;)