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The Cat Life - Interaction

Shawn does all our laundry on Mondays, since it's his consistent day off. Last week Lloyd watched him bring all the clean laundry back in, proceeded to watch him sort it, and as soon as the last item left the basket, Shawn turned around and Lloyd was already settled in. When I got home in the evening, Lloyd was still in the basket. Apparently he spent all day in it...

On a different note, Shawn and I were remarking how differently the cats interact with both of us. They're both very vocal with him, but I can barely get a meow out of them when I'm home. On the other hand, they love to get in my face and make their presence known that way, but they don't consistently do that with Shawn. It's interesting how they're just like us in the sense that they interpret personalities and act accordingly. I certainly don't interact with Lloyd the same way I do with Sylvester, so why should they interact with Shawn and I the same way? Have any of you cat owners noticed the same thing with your cat(s)?


  1. haha, our cats dicks and wait until we tip the laundry out on the bed to sort it and proceed to lay on all the clean laundry lol. Our cats are very much more in love with Adam because he had them for like 10 years before I came along, but they meow at me more, possibly because I meow at them more.

  2. Hahaha we both meow at them, but they just cock their head and look at me funny when I do it. They seem to have picked favorites though - Sylvester is very much Shawn's cat and Lloyd mine :)


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