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The Cat Life - ALL the boxes

"What is with this guy?" - Sylvester

YOU GUYS. I seriously cannot get enough of this cat! I'm so grateful to have this ridiculous little guy in my life, and I'm so so so so happy that I reached out to Kaylah about taking him in. My heart still breaks thinking about how anyone could possibly have left him behind. How?! Such ridiculousness needs to be embraced and adored, and I love that I can share it with all of you!


  1. Okay these ones have me chuckling. He is so funny! Love the one of Sylvester checking him out. I feel the same way about my little poodle. She brings me so much joy each day and I can't figure out how any human could have abandoned her with four others on the side of a deserted country road. It hurts my heart. We are so blessed to be the ones who get to enjoy all that these little ones have to offer.

  2. Adorable beyond words, haha. I never understood why cats were always so fascinated with boxes, of all things! Though at work not that long ago, a coworker ordered something that came in a really long box, and I was convinced I could fit into it laying down. That was a fun half hour ;) And maybe I understand cats a little better than I think? I can't believe anyone can abandon any animal, it makes me sick to my stomach! xo


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