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Project 365, 89-95


When in doubt, take a photo of the sky.


Shawn bought me flowers!


Oh beet soup, you are the loveliest color.


Sylvester wants his turn at the mic. (Also, this is what it's like to live with an artist... be careful where you step!)


We were supposed to go bowling with friends this night, but I got out of work too late and was exhausted by the time I got home. So we spent the night in instead, and fell asleep on the couch.


My sister came to visit and we finally went to the Animal Bodies exhibit at the Franklin Institute. SO COOL. Not as cool as the human one we saw in NYC a few years ago though. We also walked around the city in search of french macarons to taste test, but we ate them before I thought to snap a photo.


While most people probably spent Easter with their families, we went for a walk around the neighborhood and stopped into our local brew pub for lunch, then went home and watched some documentaries. I didn't have to work my shift at the yoga studio, so it was nice to finally spend a whole entire day with Shawn.

Lately my time away from work hasn't felt very productive, and where I used to prep blog posts at the beginning of each week, I've been scrambling to get them done during the week. Work just leaves me feeling exhausted in the evenings and then my weekends are spent recovering and mostly napping. Should I be worried? I was hoping the longer daylight hours would help but instead I've just been feeling guilty about spending them inside because I don't have the energy to do anything other than sit around. I'm one of those people that feels the need to be doing something all the time, and I hate feeling like I've gotten nothing done when I have excessive time on my hands. But I also understand that there's a balance to be had and if I'm overexerting myself at work of course I need to rest during my time off. But I don't want to! I haven't been feeling very balanced lately, but I'm not sure what to do about it.

How do you balance work and life without exhausting yourself?