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Project 365, 110-116

I'm not sure what happened here... the exterior and interior melded together as one.

What's so interesting out there, boys?

Sun bathing.

Not my usual commute.

Sunsets and long legs.

Made Deb's new chocolate chip cookie recipe, but I baked them a touch too long and they were crispier than I like. Plus, I'm silly for forgetting that I have actual chocolate chunks somewhere in my arsenal of baking ingredients.

I just love trees and clouds, ok? Ok.

This past week kind of got away from me.... it started off with good intentions, and then on Wednesday my car started making an unusual noise and, well, let's just say the rest of the week seemed to follow suit. My car won't be fixed until Tuesday, so in the meantime I'm commuting by train, or with a colleague. It certainly changes your perspective when you have to change the way you do something that you're used to doing every single day. I don't really need a car around here, but it's a luxury I've become somewhat dependent on and it's definitely weird not having it for a few days. It's nice not to have to worry about parking though! But I've never had to worry about the train schedule in relation to work before. It's amazing how many people live in the city but commute to the suburbs... what?! Why would you do that?! I've always just figured that people who live in cities also work in said cities. I guess not!

On top of that, I've been trying to find a place near Cape May to spend a weekend at in July for a friend's bachelorette party... I had no idea it would be so difficult! There are plenty of places available... if you're looking to spend a whole week at the beach. Otherwise, everyone pretty much expects you to stay for at least three days. But, after hours of searching, and contacting various homeowners and hotels, I think I've finally found a place that will accommodate us.

Last week wasn't all bad though. I had a pretty great weekend, actually. On Saturday I attended an arm balance yoga workshop with Christina Sell and it helped calm my mind. I woke up sore and bruised on Sunday, but with a clearer head and some stronger abs. Then I went to a country club for a few hours to attend a friend's fundraiser for the nonprofit organization she works for. It was fun to dress up and to see all the other ladies from work all dressed up; it's not something any of us do very often.

Here's hoping this week goes a little smoother....