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March Baking

Oatmeal cranberry cookies with macadamia nut butter

Raspberry coconut macaroons

Irish potatoes

Irish soda bread

Bailey's Irish cream cake

White chocolate macadamia nut cookies

Nanaimo bars

Petit fours fit for spring!

Chocolate mousse

Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes in pretty cake cups for a catering

Oatmeal raisin cookies with cinnamon cream cheese center

I love that the different holidays each month influence the things that I make. Obviously March was about all things Irish (or should I say - American-Irish). April is going to bring a lot of color back into pastries - I'm ready for spring! Lots of pinks and yellows, just like the flowers outside will soon be.


  1. Oh my, everything looks so good, It would be really hard to choose what to get. The macaroons sound amazing but I'm not sure I could pass up the Irish cream cake!

  2. holy crap it all looks so good. I want that irish soda bread mainly though... and the nanaimo bars! also I reallllly like this layout you made... it's beautiful.

  3. The macaroons are quite possibly my favorite, but the cake was amazingly delicious too! Irish cream isn't really my thing, but it certainly made for a moist, tasty cake.

  4. You and that irish soda bread... ;) Nanaimo bars are a British pastry- I had never heard of them before working here! And thanks :)

  5. Nooo they're Canadian i thought :( I like them being Canadian

  6. Ooooo wait they're British Columbian Got it 👌


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