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The Cat Life - Catnip

I got Lloyd and Sylvester some catnip-filled balls for Christmas and Lloyd loves them. He has already destroyed one of them, and the other two are closely following suit. He used to love the catnip beaver that Kaylah sent him for his first Christmas, but Sylvester claimed that as his own once he moved in. I got them another catnip animal (I'm not sure what it's supposed to be....), in hopes of it being loved as much as the beaver... but neither of them are interested in it. Weird!

Do your cats love catnip? I've never seen a cat go as crazy over it as Lloyd does!


  1. Achille isn't interested at all by catnip-filled toys, but when I scatter it on the floor/carpet it makes him happily euphoric and he rubs against it, licks it, rolls in it with dilated pupils. And then he sats like in stupor for 10-15 minutes. haha


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