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The Cat Life - Bathtub Bear

I think Lloyd (aka: Bear) sometimes forgets that there are other rooms in the apartment besides the living room and bedroom. He seems to rediscover the bathroom every few weeks and tours it as though he has never been in there before. Lloyd is really intrigued by water; he often jumps up to the sink after the water has been running. Shawn used to give him baths and Lloyd never seemed to mind much! Sylvester, on the other hand, runs away if the slightest bit of water touches him.

Cat people - how do your cats feel about water?
My parents used to have a cat that loved water, but I think it's usually a rare trait.


  1. Our cats used to have to get baths after vet visits because they, um, got gross. It got to the point where they wouldn't go near the bathroom for fear of getting wet. Lately one of our cats comes and lays on the matt when I'm in the bath though, it's so weird! I think cat's sometimes have a goldfish memory...

  2. Yeah, he used to do it in our old apartment too, which was even smaller than our current one. Mostly he likes to lay in the bathroom doorway with his head out in the hallway. Like he's guarding it or something. Weirdo.

  3. Love these photos of cute Lloyd. Such a sweetie. My daughter's cat loves the water. He is part Maine Coon and they love water. They have an oily fur layer that makes the water repel a bit. When I would mind him at my house he always would come into the bathroom as I was in the bath. He would jump up and walk around the edge of the tub. I was always waiting for him to fall in with his claws out! Ouch. Luckily he is quite agile.

  4. Phew! That sounds like it could be dangerous/painful! ;) Maine Coons are quite the characters - we have friends who have one and he gets into EVERYTHING.


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