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Project 365, 68-74


I love that it's light out later now, but it's still so dark in the mornings....


A hearty breakfast doesn't have to include eggs...


Reflections of a crafter. (I bought this; I'm excited to try it!)


My favorite!


I came up with an awesome banana chocolate chip muffin recipe! Should I share it? I think I might.


I spent Saturday afternoon building a cardboard cat house while watching Boyhood and season 2 of Girls...
The cats could not be any less enthused. If anything, they're angry that I moved their cat tower.


Caught in the act! And, a lovely dinner with my brother and his girlfriend who were on their way back up from North Carolina. I ended up bringing home most of that flatbread after all the appetizers we shared...

I've got some fun photos planned for the Cat Life post this week, as well as a few recipes up my sleeves.... now if only I could find the time to prep posts ahead of time... (Ha! Finding time ahead of time? Now there's a conundrum. I guess if I wasn't spending all my spare time making cat houses....) I'm looking forward to this week because the trail near work should be clear enough to start walking/running on again. It has been so long! I haven't pulled my sneakers out since October.

I hope you had an amazing week!!