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Project 365, 61-67


I woke up to a half-inch of ice coating my entire car and felt bad about having to hack away at it at 3:30am; I'm pretty sure I woke some neighbors up... Also, we've slowly been stepping up our coffee game. (kettle & decanter) Still saving up for a decent grinder though!


More ice ice baby...


It took us a while to decide where to hang our new tapestry, but now it's my favorite thing in the apartment! Plus, we moved things around in the office and now I get to peek at it from my desk!


We had our biggest snow storm of the year, which meant I had a snow day! Cue HUGE smile on my face! I was so happy to tromp through the snow to go to a morning yoga class. AND I baked my first ever sweet potato. Of course I had to top it with bacon. It was delicious.


This day started off not-so-great for me; after spending an hour the night before clearing off my car and around it so that I wouldn't have to the next morning, I woke up to find that someone had snow-blown the sidewalk and angled all the snow towards the parked cars instead of the building... so I spent fifteen minutes chipping away at thick frozen snow when I should have just been able to up and leave. Then I ended up being at work for longer than expected, which threw off my post-work plans, and I also found out I'd be working the next day (Saturday, usually my day off) after some confusion between colleagues... but on my way to my car, I passed one of our maintenance men and he offered me free tickets to the Philadelphia flower show! Shawn and I didn't end up making it there (boo!), but the whole encounter was a reminder to stay positive and not let the little things (like snow-blowing-a-holes and change-of-schedules....) affect my outlook for the day. I tend to get hung-up on the negative things, which leads to me not appreciating some of the positive things I encounter throughout the day. It's especially tough on days when the negatives seem to outweigh the positives, but this was a nice reminder that good things in small packages, are still (always) better than bad things in large packages. Or something about kindness always popping up in unexpected places.... I feel like I just can't eloquently say the things I want to say about this right now.


"Wait! Let me take a photo of you taking a photo of the cheeeeeese!"


I've been wanting to take a photo of this sign for years, but the lighting has never been right. Today was the day! I told Shawn to get out of the shot, so he hid behind that big snow pile...

I hope you had an awesome week!! Remember, focus on the positives!