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Project 365, 54-60


Here in Philly they call these "jimmies", but I grew up calling them "sprinkles"... what do you call them?


My feet have been hurting as of late so I finally re-invested in a decent work shoe.
These Timberland Pros reminded me of Monet and I had to have them!


I can't wait until it gets warmer out and I can take photos of things other than the cats and the apartment.


Point proven: our typical weeknight when Shawn isn't working the evening shift. I would rather be outside!!


Hehe. We got some candied ginger from them for our March scone: grapefruit & ginger! It is so unbelievably yummy!


I was invited to a girl's night/wine & dine/potluck with an "ethnic" theme, so I made a flan. Does that count as ethnic? Regardless, they loved it!


Not to jump on the selfie band-wagon, but I've been trying to remember to take at least one photo of myself each week. I like looking back on them every few months. This was actually another accidental phone shot, if you can believe it. You should see my attempts. My phone is a better photographer than I am, apparently.

We got more snow today. But it's finally March! Which means, maybe we'll all stop complaining about the weather soon. Or maybe not. I guess we shall see! Really though, I just want it to warm up so I can start doing things outside again. Being contained to the insides of buildings or my car is not my idea of a good time. I'm daydreaming of being able to spend evenings after work reading a book at Chanticleer....

I hope you had an awesome week!