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Growing Out The Pixie Cut

For the last year or so, I've been growing out a pixie cut. I chopped all my hair off in September of 2013, just for fun. But also to get rid of a good chunk of hair that had been bleached (hello, ombre!), then colored turquoise which eventually turned to Oscar-the-grouch green. (I'll spare you photos of that, although my driver's license is hideous proof!) The pixie cut was fun for a few months, but then I started to miss being able to do braids, fun twists, and generally anything other than pinning my bangs back. So in February of 2014 I began the arduous journey of growing out the pixie cut. You may think arduous is too strong of a word here... but trust me, it is not. It takes a lot of self confidence to rock a pixie cut, but it takes even more self confidence to grow it out! There are some ugly stages, and mullets galore. But first, let's take a look back, shall we?

The beginning of it all! My hairstylist was more nervous than I was, because common experience is girls bursting into tears once all their hair is laying on the floor. But my attitude has always been more along the lines of "whatever, it's just hair!", so I consider myself a fun client when I'm sitting in the hair-chair. He was relieved to hear me say that I loved it (and meant it), and that I'd be back soon because now my hair would require a bit more upkeep.

In November of 2013 (ignore that typo above....) I went even shorter. Shawn hated it and later (much later) told me he called it my lesbian haircut. (Side note: it kills me that most guys think of short hair this way. What's wrong with heterosexual women embracing their femininity with a short 'do? Twiggy and Audrey both rocked it! And they're both mega sex-icons!) But November my favorite stage of the pixie cut for sure. It just looked so cute and was so easy to style!

December and January was more of the same, and I got one last cut at the end of January/early February, I can't really remember at this point. February was when I made the conscious decision to start growing it out though. I knew from various internet searches that things were about to get awkward...

Commence, the growing out process!
(And silly faces? I'm actually amazed I had enough selfies to use for this post! Didn't realize I took so many....)

(...apparently longer hair is serious business...)

June (5 months), September (8 months), and October (9 months) were the most awkward months for me. Despite what I've read about just letting it grow, I got two or three hair cuts over the course of the past year, and trimmed my "mullet" once or twice on my own (with not-so-great results.... it's hard to cut the back of your own hair!). I was always happy after each haircut because although not much was trimmed, it helped shape everything up for more growth. And now, I finally feel like I have long-ish hair again! My hair was pretty bad there for a few months, and I'm happy that it no longer looks like I'm growing out a pixie cut. This length looks intentional, because it is. I plan on letting it grow some more though. I'm not sure at what length I'll stop... it just feels great to have long hair again! I feel as though I tell Shawn at least once a week, "Squee! My hair is so long!" ...

If you've ever contemplated getting a pixie cut, do it! it's a lot of fun and so much less upkeep. I actually did the whole no-poo thing for a whole year, with mostly successful results. As my hair got longer though, it stopped working as well so I switched back to regular ol' shampoo and conditioner about a month ago. I still only wash my hair twice a week though - and it's fluffy and textured and super healthy! Probably the best my hair has ever been.

So there you have it. Probably the most photos of my hair face you will ever see in one post on this ol' blog....


  1. I have been kinda wanting to try a pixie cut if I can get the courage to do it! Although I am nervous about the growing it out stage afterward. I must say you rocked it at each point though, it didn't look awkward to me!

  2. Thanks! I guess it's hard to capture the every-day awkwardness in one or two photos, and I probably deleted the worst ones anyway ;)
    You should do it at least once in your life! It's something I had been curious about for a while and I have a friend who rocked a pixie for a few years, so that was my ultimate push to do it. It's just hair - it grows back!

  3. You look so great at every stage of the process, from pixie to present! I've had a pixie twice and even though the growing out process is so unpredictable (I woke up every morning thinking, "How much like a mushroom is my head going to look today?") I pine for that cut near daily. Funny timing, I actually have a haircut appt tomorrow afternoon and was thinking of going super short! Maybe not full-on pixie, but something in the ballpark. I'm with you though, I hate when people (men especially) are so caught up in the stereotypes about women having long hair. Nonsense! xo

    1. Hi Erin, I like when you said, "How much like a mushroom is my head going to look like today?" I am growing my hair out now and I feel like this everyday!

  4. Yes! You never know what it's going to look like in the morning... and I like your current length, but I can't say anything against going shorter because it's soooo easy to style (and I'm sure you'd rock it!). How does Jamal feel about short hair? Ultimately, Shawn keeps his mouth shut because it's my hair and he knows he has no say, but I still like to know he finds me attractive, you know? :-P

  5. I love the current length! You got a pretty nice long bob going on!


  6. Thanks! Yeah, I'm really diggin' it right now :)

  7. Hi, I found your blog searching for the phases of growing hair out. I like seeing your hair grow out in the pics. I miss my long hair! Growing my own hair out. My hair now is the about the length as yours was when you started growing out. It gets frustrating because my hair just doesn't look good and I have to say F*** it! and go out into public. I feel like a dork. Oh well! Your post is inspiring :-)

    1. Thanks!! Best of luck with your hair goals :) It's frustrating, but you just have to push through it. Eventually, you'll have amazing hair again! You could also pin it back in the mean time.


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