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The Cat Life - Ridiculous

No point in trying to make the bed when there's a cat in the center of it.

That seems like a great spot for a catnap...

"If I angle my leg this way... I can hear you better."

Well, Sly, I was trying to organize my sewing stuff...

"So what if I look silly? I swear it works!"

"Staring contest! If I win, you give me the cheese. If you win, I'm just going to sit here and try to get it anyway."

Cats are absolutely ridiculous most all of the time.


  1. I totally enjoyed these adorable photos. I swear that Lloyd and Sylvester have the best cat lives ever! They are adorable. :)

  2. These are all too funny! I love the staring contest photo! Jeeves sits in awkward ways like that alll the time, although he usually runs away as soon as I reach for my camera.

  3. I think household cats in general have it pretty swell :-) They get to lounge all day, they get food they don't have to fight for, all the cuddles they could want, and sometimes, if they're lucky, they get a little cheese.

  4. I love that Lloyd will stay posed for the camera. Only when he's really hungry or excited about something will he run towards me instead of staying put.

  5. haha, ridiculous pretty much does sum up cats. Ours are complete beggars as well, their favourite is yogurt, but cheese is a close second.

  6. Lloyd doesn't beg unless it's feeding time. But Sylvester wants whatever you have, and will not stop begging until it's gone. It's so silly how they think they're being sneaky sometimes too and you're just like "ummm, cat.... I can see you right there right now..."

  7. haha, they are never as sneaky as they think they are.


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