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Project 365, 40-46

Sunday is usually my blog prep day... I upload all my photos and write up all my posts for the week so that all I have to do before work each morning is hit "publish". But this past Sunday was spent traveling to and from New Jersey to visit family and friends, so I didn't get a chance to do anything pertaining to the blog at all. Of course, it was time well spent! But I'm now a few days behind and tried to catch up a bit this morning. So, here's the past week of project 365!


My phone takes photos on its own sometimes... this was one of those times. Best accidental photo ever! It caught me holding a happy parsnip up for my colleague while she snapped a photo herself. It got me thinking that perhaps I should do a post with all the accidental photos my phone has taken since I got it... though I think I usually end up deleting most of them!


Hey buddy bear... you should probably lay off the 'nip a bit...


I've been staying on top of my yoga goals so far, so I bought myself a few new things to wear so that I'm not cycling through the same two pairs of pants and two shirts anymore... I used to have a lot of fitness clothing but then I stopped doing anything for about three or four years and figured there was no point in holding on to any of it. So this year I've reinvested in a few items. Old Navy actually makes some decent things for a decent price!


Found these little guys at Joann Fabrics and priced at $2.88 a piece, I couldn't resist them. They're our smallest gnomes yet!


All things chocolate for our Valentines Day tea. Or should I say, death by chocolate... muah-ha-ha-ha-ha...


Maybe I'm a little slow (ok, I'm definitely a little slow...) but I just found out that our Roku has a YouTube app, which means I can watch yoga videos on our TV! Which means no more doing yoga in front of my computer in the office, next to the litterbox.... yay!
Also, I saw this salad and I just had to make it. I've been eating it for lunch all week. How was I previously unaware of the wonder that is farro?!


Caught up with some friends over dinner and drinks. So much tastiness.... We never see our other Jersey couples enough!

I hope you had/are having an amazing week! Hurrah!


  1. good stuff Marine - sitting in Dr's office enjoying your blog:) thx for helping me pass the time

  2. Those little gnomes are toooo cute! I have been wanting to check out Joanns lately, I haven't been there in years! That salad looks good!

  3. Joann's always has some good sales going on. I actually went to find a case for my sewing machine (of which they had a choice of ONE...) and walked out with little gnomes instead. Their paper goods always suck me in too.

  4. That parsnip smiley face is so stinkin' cute, no wonder your phone wanted to document it! I think you should absolutely do a series on the accidental photos. I can barely get my phone to take decent intentional photos, haha.
    Do I spy a Roku remote in one of those photos? I could be mistaken. But I looove our Roku! I haven't seen too many people who have one, too! xo

  5. Yes! My parents got it for us as a Christmas gift a few years ago and at first we were like, "WTF is this thing?!", but we love it now! It's so small! I think that's the best part. Even though we've had it for years, I'm still learning that I can use apps other than Netflix and Pandora on it....


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