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Fun Finds Friday #80

I am in love with this little home.

Penovac's watercolor cats are amazing!

I've never been to Niagara Falls... this would be the time to go.

+ The original game of Monopoly.
+ Never underestimate animals' capabilities.
+ This instagram feed has been making its rounds on the internet.
+ I'm a big fan of this one too though!
+ A heartwarming love story; turn your speakers up.
+ Further proving why not to read/see 50 Shades.

Happy Friday!!!


  1. exposed beams are so incredible. I've got dreams of doing that to our bedroom

  2. There's been some great photographs of Niagara Falls over the last couple of days - incredible with all the ice!

  3. Ooh I like that cat painting, I need one done of my three. Haha. That house is adorable!

  4. I really love the watercolor cats - it's such a neat effect! Cloud would look soooo good in watercolor like that :-)


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