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Blurred Lines

I have terrible eyesight. I've worn glasses since a very young age - they were originally prescribed just so I could read the board in class but eventually I moved on to having to wear them full-time as my vision progressively got worse. Most days I wear contact lenses, even though I have four pairs of very different, very awesome glasses... contacts are just a better fit for me in the kitchen. But I've always been amazed by eyesight. Shawn has 20/20 vision, so he really sees the world differently than I do. I wanted to show him what it's like to see the world through my eyes, so I messed around with my camera settings a bit and came up with this small series of photos. Here's a peek at the world, through my terrible eyes.

We don't have our Christmas tree up anymore... I just took these photos a while ago. I'd love to try the same thing outside. Perhaps there will be a second part to this series one day!