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Fun Finds Friday #81

Snow overtakes a mall.

Are you a Chrome user? I recently discovered the Dream Afar new tab page....

Definitely bought this top this week. Is it spring yet?! (PS- the 90s are back, baby!)

+ 73 questions; Reese Witherspoon and Daniel Radcliffe are my favorites.
+ We love Trader Joe's but have you heard about Pirate Joe's?
+ I love these tips for discovering new books.
+ Also, the jar of magical thinking...
+ The multi-tool bracelet; amazing!
+ What's up with cats and boxes? Seriously though.
+ THIS. Jimmy Fallon is my favorite night time host.

Happy Friday!!!

The Cat Life - Cute Overload

Because you missed out on these guys last week...

Project 365, 47-53


Monday photos are always a struggle because my day pretty much looks like this: bed - work - home for two hours - work - nap - bed. So, here's a photo of my to-do list at work and a valentine I got from a co-worker.


I took a snow day from work because, well, it snowed, and I had to reschedule a doctor's appointment three times, which took up a good portion of the afternoon. Sylvester loved having me home though! Shawn works all day on Tuesdays so the cats are always so happy to see me when I get home.


Moved some furniture around and brought the coffee table back out to use as an actual coffee table. If you're looking for Sylvester, this is his new favorite spot.


Finally, a bright sunny day!


A new bread bakery opened up near work and they sell campfire bread. Yes, it is exactly what you think it is.


I worked on Saturday and then drove home in the snow... it took twice as long as normal but I made it home without any incidents. Then …

Fun Finds Friday #80

I am in love with this little home.

Penovac's watercolor cats are amazing!

I've never been to Niagara Falls... this would be the time to go.

+ The original game of Monopoly.
+ Never underestimate animals' capabilities.
+ This instagram feed has been making its rounds on the internet.
+ I'm a big fan of this one too though!
+ A heartwarming love story; turn your speakers up.
+ Further proving why not to read/see 50 Shades.

Happy Friday!!!

Project 365, 40-46

Sunday is usually my blog prep day... I upload all my photos and write up all my posts for the week so that all I have to do before work each morning is hit "publish". But this past Sunday was spent traveling to and from New Jersey to visit family and friends, so I didn't get a chance to do anything pertaining to the blog at all. Of course, it was time well spent! But I'm now a few days behind and tried to catch up a bit this morning. So, here's the past week of project 365!


My phone takes photos on its own sometimes... this was one of those times. Best accidental photo ever! It caught me holding a happy parsnip up for my colleague while she snapped a photo herself. It got me thinking that perhaps I should do a post with all the accidental photos my phone has taken since I got it... though I think I usually end up deleting most of them!


Hey buddy bear... you should probably lay off the 'nip a bit...


I've been staying on top of my yoga…

Blurred Lines

I have terrible eyesight. I've worn glasses since a very young age - they were originally prescribed just so I could read the board in class but eventually I moved on to having to wear them full-time as my vision progressively got worse. Most days I wear contact lenses, even though I have four pairs of very different, very awesome glasses... contacts are just a better fit for me in the kitchen. But I've always been amazed by eyesight. Shawn has 20/20 vision, so he really sees the world differently than I do. I wanted to show him what it's like to see the world through my eyes, so I messed around with my camera settings a bit and came up with this small series of photos. Here's a peek at the world, through my terrible eyes.

We don't have our Christmas tree up anymore... I just took these photos a while ago. I'd love to try the same thing outside. Perhaps there will be a second part to this series one day!

Permanently Inked

At the end of November I teased you with a before photo of some tattoo work I got done... and then I never showed you any subsequent photos of the tattoo. Oops! Part of the reason is that I've been having a difficult time taking proper photos of it; most of them have ended up rather blurry. Who would have thought it would be so hard to take a photo of your own back?! So I finally settled on a handful that aren't terribly blurry, but please excuse my lateness in sharing this beautiful piece. It is most definitely healed by now!

The koi fish part is almost six years old now, and the cherry blossoms are the new addition. I'm not sure why I waited so long to add on to the fish, as it was always my intention to do so... I suppose I just wasn't sure which direction to take it; I had contemplated lotus flowers originally but I'm really happy to have gone with cherry blossoms instead. On another note, I thought the fish was looking pretty good for as old as it is... until …

The Cat Life - Lloyd Love

When we first got Lloyd he would sneak into our bedroom in the middle of the night and sleep between us. Then, when my alarm would go off in the mornings, he would pounce on our stomachs until we got up. Ever since we brought Sylvester home though, Lloyd has mostly stayed out of the bedroom at night while Sylvester sleeps on our heads or works his way under one of our arms. This past Saturday morning though, I woke up to Lloyd sleeping on my stomach and even after Shawn got out of bed, Lloyd stuck around and lay in bed with me while Sylvester slept at my feet. It was the first time we've ever had the whole family in bed together! (Gee, that sounds way worse than intended...) I hope it happens more often! I miss waking up to a Lloyd in my face.

Project 365, 33-39


Reflections at work.


Taco Tuesday!


Bought myself a new dress on super sale at Lucky Brand... can't wait for the weather to warm up so I can wear it!


Mail day! Getting packages is the best!


Caught the sun setting on my way out of work.


Had an awesome brunch at White Dog Cafe with my friend Amy, where she asked me to be one of her maids of honor at her August wedding (I said of course!), then Sylvester decided to claim her for himself.


Caught the sunset again on my way home today... I'm loving that the days are getting longer!

I also did a ton of baking this week, so maybe I'll do two baked-at-work photo posts this month... we'll see.
I hope you had an amazing week!!