Monday, January 26

The Cat Life - Home Alone

We were away for three days and two nights last week, and even though we had some friends check in on Lloyd and Sylvester, they were so happy to see us when we finally got home Saturday afternoon. Cuddles and play time all day! We've left Lloyd alone overnight before, so he knew exactly what was up when he saw us packing. But we hadn't taken any overnight trips since getting Sylvester, so he seemed to be a little cross with us when we got back. It only took a few hours for him to get back to his usual chatty, cuddly self though. But now he knows what packed bags means!

My colleagues (and family) frequently make fun of me for being a cat lady... but you know what? I definitely missed these guys while we were away, and I'm not ashamed to say it! And I'm pretty sure they missed me too. Even if only a little bit.


  1. Awww! Lovely pictures you posted here!
    Everytime I leave home for a short trip I really miss my kitty and whenever I get back she's so thrilled to see me as well. Only cat lovers can understand that, I guess!

  2. Yep! Life just isn't the same without them! ;)

  3. Oh man, I miss my cats so much when we go away it's so bad! Yours are such cuties.

  4. It's hard to go away and leave your kitties behind! We were gone for a whole week once, and on about day four I started having withdraws and was googling random pictures of cats that looked like mine... Not my proudest moment.. I always wish we could take them with us, but they'd probably hate every second of it. Haha

  5. Thanks! It's nice to get away from the fur that coats everything for a day or two, but ultimately, I always miss them and their mess.

  6. You know they would! ;-) On the hotel bed there was actually a square fluffy blackish brownish pillow and as soon as I touched it I said to Shawn "Feel this! It'll be just like having Sylvester in bed with us! Just like home!"



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