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Project 365, 5-11

Caught these guys looking out at the street together in the midst of morning light. They've gotten even closer now that Lloyd isn't suffering from gingivitis pains anymore. It's amusing to watch them chase each other throughout the apartment, though I doubt our downstairs neighbors agree.


I had been coveting a few material things forever and finally treated myself with my Christmas money. I was so excited when they both arrived on the same day and set out to photograph them. Instead I got a whole lot of "Why are you putting these things on the floor, momma? What are these?!"... Of course these sandals and this crop top arrived on the coldest day of the year... I'm longing for the temperatures to warm up so that I can wear both all spring and summer long!

I came home exhausted and lay down on the couch to watch some Wonder Years, and this little guy decided to join me. We promptly fell asleep together and I woke up with both cats in my face because it was time for their dinner.

That chapstick is one of the few things in my life that I've actually seen a commercial for and said "I NEED THAT!" and then proceeded to actually go out and buy it. Now if only I could remember to take it off the nightstand each morning, the daytime side might actually get some use.

Our Christmas tree is dying but Shawn and I don't want to face the fact that Christmas is actually over...

There's a breakfast place near work that I've never been to but that supposedly makes deliciously large and cheap breakfast sandwiches. One of my colleagues was supposed to pick some up for the kitchen staff on Tuesday and never did. Come Saturday, she was tired of me bringing it up so she brought me in an egg McMuffin... I can honestly say it's the first time I've had McDonalds in over ten years. Not one to refuse free food (especially brought about by constant pestering), I ate it. At least she had the foresight to get it on a multigrain muffin.

I'm trying to send more handwritten letters. I love the feeling of receiving them, and I know others do too, so... more letters! Anyone interested in receiving one?

I hope you had an awesome week!


  1. Whoa, they have a daytime and nighttime chapstick?! I'm keeping my eyes out for that! My cats do they same thing when I'm trying to set things out for a picture. And 10 years without McDonalds? I wish I could say that! I have a weakness for their egg and cheese biscuits :p

  2. Yes they do! I haven't used much of the daytime side though, since I have three other chapsticks I switch between haha. And McDonalds was never my favorite... I'm a fan of Wendy's, but I never crave fast food anymore. Last time I had Wendy's I was seriously disappointed. I'll stick to my pub fare!

  3. :( That sounds awful! Shawn spared me the grief and did it all himself while I was at work one day. It was a shock coming home to a missing tree, but it was like pulling the bandaid off quickly!


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