Project 365, 19-25


This is my nightly view. Sometimes with a cat at my feet. Most times not.
(Can you tell I almost forgot to take a photo this day?)


Shawn and I have been trying to "snack healthy"... cheese is healthy, right?


We finally visited Shawn's mom for a late Christmas, and then we had Chinese food for dinner.
First time in over six years for me! Bring on the sunshine!


First things first, pork sandwiches at DiNic's.


A dinosaur with a hat.
(I can't wait to show you guys more photos from the Academy of Natural Sciences!)


Brews and foods with friends... what else is new?


I liked the way the light was hitting the yoga studio this morning.

I hope you had an awesome weekend! I'm looking forward to posting about our Philly stay-cation!

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