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Let's Catch Up

December was a tough blogging month for me because my work schedule went into overdrive all of a sudden, and then it didn't stop for three weeks straight. By the time I got home each day my energy was zapped. All I had the brain power for was slouching in front of the tv and making the occasional meal. But now with January here, things should be getting back to normal. I'll have time to blog on a more consistent basis, because I'll have time to do things to blog about!

Watching: Bob's Burgers; it took a few episodes before I actually decided to like this show, but now I think it's hilarious! I can't even pick a favorite character or episode because they're all great.
The One I Love; a random Netflix find that intrigued me because I'm a fan of both Mark Duplass and Elizabeth Moss... it has a slow beginning but then it gets interesting. Netflix says it's a comedy but I'd venture to say it's more of a sci-fi romance thriller, if that even makes any sense. All I can say is that I was still thinking about it for days after watching it.
In Your Eyes; another random Netflix find that Shawn and I only turned on to see if they would play that Peter Gabriel song right off the bat. Spoiler: they never play it. But this is another sci-fi romance film that I actually really enjoyed.
The Wind Rises; I'm always a fan of anything Miyazaki makes. This one left Shawn and I in tears; it's a feeler.

Listening: Guys, I'm not going to lie... the top 40 shit usually isn't my thing, but I am totally in love with Taylor Swift's Shake It Off. I could seriously listen to it on repeat for hours. I spent a good hour watching all the making-of videos. It just makes me want to MOVE! I totally want to do a parody of it called Bake It Off.

Reading: Hm, seems to me I owe you guys a 2014 books read recap... it's coming, I swear! Lately I've been re-reading books from my bookcase. I'm trying to slim down my collection, so reading books I haven't read in a while is one way to decide whether they go in the keep or donate pile. I haven't been to the library in a while.

Anticipating: Our upcoming two-night stay in center city Philadelphia! The last time Shawn and I had a vacation together was the weekend we got married, when we spent two nights in a small town in the Poconos. We never went on a honeymoon, and we haven't spent more than a full day or two together since then. So to celebrate our one year anniversary we've decided to take a stay-cation and explore Philadelphia like the tourists we've never had a chance to be. I've booked us two nights at a hotel in the center of everything, and I've already started plotting out stops like museums, breweries, and restaurants. Did you know there's a Pizza Museum in Philly?! I did not. I can't wait!!

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