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Fun Finds Friday #78

Just ordered this tapestry!
(This one and this one are other favorites.)

I LOVE everything about this house.

Such a cute print!

+ I would love to get a month of happy mail!
+ Gotta love a drawn Jeff Goldblum.
+ Need to visit some frozen lakes one of these days...
+ DIY salt spray is so much cheaper, and it has no funky stuff!
+ I want to throw a mac and cheese party... who's coming?!

Happy Friday!!


  1. Ahh that tapestry is so cool! And a mac and cheese party? Count me in!

  2. Love your finds! I've been on a total design kick lately and love the decor & print! When's this mac&cheese party? I'll totally be there :p

  3. Hahah awww that sun print is just the sweetest thing! So, so clever. And what an awesome tapestry! DO you know where you'll hang it? I had a tapestry once but I didn't really know how to style it in the room, so I'd be curious to hear what your plans are for it :)

    xo marlen
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  4. I'm not sure where we plan on hanging it yet, but most likely in the living room. I'll definitely post about it when we find a spot for it though! We have a few tapestries... one acts as our couch cover, one hangs above our bed, and another hangs in the hallway. They're pretty versatile! I like looking at websites like Urban Outfitters to get ideas for how to style them :-)

  5. Man, if only I could have an internet-wide mac & cheese party... wouldn't that be amazing?!


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