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Fun Finds Friday #77

Spotted this guy over on Emma's blog... gotta have him!

This moon phase earring set makes me want to get more ear piercings...

The cutest little teapot!

+ Smooshy cats!!!! Lloyd would be such a smoosh if we had a glass table.
+ Speaking of cats, the Brazilians make some pretty awesome cat furniture.
+ The statistics in this article will get into your head. (Actually, they sound low to me!)
+ Most of these are pretty good points.
+ You're not late, you're rude and selfish...
+ What life in space is really like.
+ Gotta make these coffee cake donuts in my new donut pan!!

Happy Friday!!


  1. I meant to tell you a few weeks ago when you asked, but I really do like the Fun Finds Friday posts you come up with! You always have a collection of neat & interesting things. :)

  2. Thanks! I love sharing the quirky things I come across!


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