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Fun Finds Friday #75

Wow! It sure has been a while since my last FFF post! My list of fun finds on Evernote is really long though, so I thought it might be time to post another one... do you guys enjoy these? Statistically, these posts get the least views on the blog. But I enjoy bookmarking interesting articles and projects so I'll continue to post them, even if only for myself!

Fran Krause illustrates people's biggest fears in Deep Dark Fears.

What Disney princesses might look like in real life...

What a neat little workspace!

+ This article is from a while ago, but it still poses an interesting question about the modern age and our relationship with technology.
+ Also from a while ago but dang, a pre-cation sounds like good business to me.
+ How American parenting is killing the American marriage.
+ The new year is a good time as any to consider our life purpose...
+ An interesting fashion photo series.

Happy Friday!!!!


  1. I really enjoy these posts! I'm in love with that workspace. Her Etsy shop is beautiful!

  2. Ahhh! Escalators always scared me as a kid. And the disney princesses in real life is really neat and makes me want to dress up as one of them really bad.. Haha

  3. ha! my mom told me we would get sucked into the escalators if our laces were untied too, not the cop bit though.

  4. Yeah getting my shoelaces stuck is still a big fear of mine... probably why I opt for the shoes with elastic 'laces' you just slip on!


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