Monday, January 5

All Lloyd

I really try to post equal amounts of photos of both the boys here, but let's face it... Lloyd is the original cat of this blog and he's the reason most of you are reading today. And, unlike Sylvester, he's a total ham for the camera. For every one decent photo I take of Sylvester, I probably have about a dozen great ones of Lloyd. So here are a few recent photos of the bear, all by himself. (And can we just talk about the title of this post for a second? That is a llllllot of Ls!)


  1. I have to admit, Lloyd is the one who brought me to your blog, and 'm glad he did! I always feel kinda bad because I seem to take the most photos of Cloud, but she just loves posing for the camera! Lloyd seems like such a ham!

  2. He really is! And it looks like Cloud is too! I feel like Jeeves gets the least coverage on your blog, but if he's anything like Sylvester, he's probably really difficult to take photos of.

  3. Lloyd seems to cooperate a lot better than my kitties for photos!

  4. I'm in love with this boy!



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