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2014 in review

+ We adopted Sylvester!

+ In March, after a 7+ month break, I started working as a baker again.

+ I kept up with my week in photos posts all year long! I'm going to take a different route with them this year though.

+ My friend Sam and I took a weekend roadtrip down to Miami, with a stop in Savannah on the way down.

+ I ran my first 5k!

+ I explored a lot of places in and around Philadelphia, including:

Chanticleer Garden

The Renaissance Faire

Spruce Street Harbor

Milky Way Farm

La Colombe

Linvilla Orchards

Here are some of my other favorites from the past year:

Bring on 2015!


  1. Thanks! 2014 was fairly uneventful... but that's not a bad thing!


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