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Week in Photos: Week 52

It's the last week of 2014!! When did this happen? How did we get here? And how have I actually managed to post a weekly wrap-up of photos for 52 weeks straight?!

Oh, Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree...

I finally finished sewing our Christmas stockings... at 6pm on Christmas Eve.

Growing up, my mom would hang all the Christmas cards on a ribbon or two; I always loved the way it looked and did the same this year! We actually got a lot of cards this year!

I asked for ornaments this year, and I got lots of 'em! Including those last two from lovely reader Jennifer, who after reading this post, sent us the bear from her very own tree! Also, apparently our love for squirrels is well known.

We had Christmas Eve dinner with our friends Dave and Briggette; spiral ham, mashed potatoes, brussels and bacon, and a friend's grandmother's recipe for pineapple bake!

Shawn and Dave got each other the exact same bottle of (rare) whiskey for Christmas.

Well, it didn't snow on Christmas, but it was the most beautiful day we have had in a while.

The aftermath of the cats getting their gifts. (Catnip toys... lots and lots of catnip toys.)

Shawn got us a record player! We finally got to play some of the records we've had for over five years. First on deck was Wish You Were Here. We only have a dozen or so records though, so we're planning a record shopping date!

Instagram cuddles.

Realtime morning cuddles.

Since my parents were in town and my family celebrated Christmas last Sunday, Shawn and I decided to stay home this year for the actual holiday. This was the first year ever that we didn't travel or spend the day with various family members... it was glorious. Shawn told his family we would see them sometime in January when we have more time to travel. We have both been working our asses off these past few weeks and we really just wanted a day to decompress together. We spent the majority of the day in our pajamas on the couch with the cats, watching movies of the comedic variety. At some point in the evening we did venture outside for a walk around town in the unseasonably warm weather; the streets were the quietest we've ever seen them, and it felt as though we were the only two people in town. This year was probably a fluke, as we'll most likely have to spend next year's holiday with other family members, so we drank in every moment of our first Christmas to ourselves.

Each year that we've lived together I've tried to implement a Christmas tradition or two; whether it's a tradition from one of our families, or just something completely new, it has been interesting making the holiday our own. Perhaps a 'no travel' quiet Christmas Day should become a tradition...

I hope you all had an amazing holiday and enjoy the rest of the year!


  1. My mom had the same trick for hanging up Christmas cards, I meant to do it this year but never got around to it. Your quiet Christmas together sounds lovely!

  2. Yes! They arrived safe and sound. Thank you again! They're absolutely wonderful. I wanted to send you a card back but Shawn accidentally threw out the paper with your address on it :(

  3. I just think the ribbons look so pretty :) We get more and more cards each year (the sign of adulthood, I suppose) so I wanted a fun way to display them this year.


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