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Week in Photos: Week 51

I love wrapping gifts!

My daily/weekly to-do lists last week at work… it was a busy week!

Peppermint chocolate ganache swirls.

On top of brownie bites!

I get so giddy over Christmas-themed things!

Lloyd was pretending to be dirty laundry.

Tried to take a photo of the tree lights at work, ended up with a cool sky photo instead.

This is what happens when I ask Shawn to make dinner.

These salted caramels were a team effort at work. (Wrapping all of them is time-consuming!)

Shawn is such a cat whore.

I made homemade muesli for my dad for Christmas!

My sister’s boyfriend made a birch tree out of cardboard!


Champagne, anyone?

I’m not usually a fan of mushrooms, but I had four or five of these…


Sylvester adds a nice contrast to our bedsheets.

Last week was another heavy work-load week. I'm getting some overtime in, that's for sure! Just one more day to go and then I have two days off, then I go back in on Friday, and then I have two more days off! I spent Saturday running around town and then spent the afternoon baking five different types of cookies. Did I happen to take a single photo of any of them? ...NO. Because I suck. And they're all gone now; they've been distributed to friends, family, and strangers. Then Sunday I drove out to New Jersey and my family got together for an early Christmas celebration since my parents were in town. The five of us getting together doesn't happen more than once, maybe twice a year now. I guess that's just what happens when you get older... it gets harder to coordinate getting everyone together. It's always really nice when it does happen though. We always say we're going to take a family photo, and then we all start drinking and forget all about it. I guess that's just how it goes!

I wanted to get this post up because it's the second to last Week in Photos post of the year, and I've been so good about doing them that I didn't want to mess up now! But I'm coming off of a 12-hour work day and only 4 hours of sleep, so now it's time for me to wish you all a good night. (Or a good morning/afternoon/whatever time it is where you are!) I get pretty delirious and silly when I don't get enough sleep.

I hope you had an awesome week!!


  1. Oh my god, is that smoked salmon in those corn chips?? I am going to need that receipe ASAP. Anything with smoked salmon and mouth is already watering at the thought. xo

  2. IT WAS THE MOST DELICIOUS APPETIZER. And it was straight out of the Wegmans magazine! Basically, fluted corn chips, herbed creme fraiche, smoked salmon, tomato wedges, capers, and a squeeze of lemon!


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