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Week in Photos: Week 50

The best blackberry thumbprints ever!

Apparently none of you want any cookies this year... well, you're missing out! Between those thumbprints and these turtle cookies... I'm excited about the cookie assortment I have planned!

I can't decide if Sylvester was trying to hug Shawn, or choke him. This is every morning for Shawn.

Decided to add a little prehistoric flair to some of my presents this year.

Anyone getting a gift from me should expect a few stray cat hairs in the packaging.

These petit fours made me excited about making petit fours again!

Maybe I have a dirty mind... but the snowflake cutter looks like a bunch of penises to me.

They're much less dong-like once baked though! (PS. Alton Brown's rolled sugar cookie recipe is THE BEST.)

I made chocolate covered cheesecakes for our special holiday tea menu.

And salted caramels. Which I actually have the recipe for here, holy shit!

We celebrated our anniversary at Rosa Blanca (SO GOOD!) with my parents and my brother. And we channeled our inner Jack Sparrows and had a lot of rum. Only four of those glasses were for water....

We can't take anything but silly (or blurry) photos of ourselves.

My parents are the best. Yep!

It's week 50! Only two (and a half) more weeks of 2014 to go! Can you believe it? I don't even want to think about that right now. It can wait until after Christmas!

This week was great! (I feel like I've used a lot of exclamation points in this post! So I'm just going to keep doing it! Ok, enough of that.) I had a heavier workload than usual because even though the restaurant is usually closed on Sundays, we're running special holiday menus on Sundays for the whole month of December. So that means extra scones and pastries and assorted savory things on my end. Which is nice, because I actually prefer a busy work week over a slow one. But it means I've been spending my evenings and weekends in relax-mode. Which is also nice! Just not very productive. Good thing I have pretty much all my Christmas shopping done! I'm gearing up for a few days off for the holidays... all the hard work pays off just thinking about it :)

Our anniversary was exceptional too! My parents and my brother came to visit (maybe strange to some, but since we eloped and they missed out, it was nice to have some family around this year) and we had an amazing meal at one of Jose Garces' restaurants. Rosa Blanca is a very unassuming place from the outside, but the food and rum menus are fantastic. I would have taken more photos and made a post about it, but you know what? Sometimes it's nice to just enjoy the moment. And enjoy we did!


  1. I totally would have ordered cookies but figured it wouldn't be ideal to send them to England.

  2. I actually thought of you as I was writing that post! I figured it would cost you more in shipping than it's worth.


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