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The Cat Life: Stockings

I snapped a few photos of Lloyd and Sylvester when we let them 'open' their stocking gifts. The photos are definitely not the best quality, as most of them were blurry, but it was fun to watch and I thought some of you would appreciate them. We got them a few catnip toys (that's what made them super crazy all morning!) along with some tennis balls. They ran around for a good hour or so and then spent the rest of the day passed out under the tree or on the couch with us. It was very entertaining to watch!

Week in Photos: Week 52

It's the last week of 2014!! When did this happen? How did we get here? And how have I actually managed to post a weekly wrap-up of photos for 52 weeks straight?!

Oh, Christmas tree, oh Christmas tree...

I finally finished sewing our Christmas stockings... at 6pm on Christmas Eve.

Growing up, my mom would hang all the Christmas cards on a ribbon or two; I always loved the way it looked and did the same this year! We actually got a lot of cards this year!

I asked for ornaments this year, and I got lots of 'em! Including those last two from lovely reader Jennifer, who after reading this post, sent us the bear from her very own tree! Also, apparently our love for squirrels is well known.

We had Christmas Eve dinner with our friends Dave and Briggette; spiral ham, mashed potatoes, brussels and bacon, and a friend's grandmother's recipe for pineapple bake!

Shawn and Dave got each other the exact same bottle of (rare) whiskey for Christmas.

Well, it didn't snow on Christ…

A Gift Guide for Fanatics

Shawn is a big fan of football. I have never really been into it, but over the last six years I've watched so many games and heard so many player's names mentioned that I can somewhat carry a conversation about the sport. This was the first year I played on a fantasy football league too; Shawn was one player short and he had been asking me to join for years, so I finally agreed. I ended up in 8th place out of 10 - not too bad! I still don't really understand the game though!

I know that the audience on this blog probably isn't much into football, but since Shawn is, I can only imagine some of you also have football fans in your life and I decided to go ahead and make up a gift guide! I know it's a little late for Christmas at this point... but playoffs are coming up! I picked a few things from centered around their Odell Beckham Jr jersey, because Shawn roots for the Giants and he has been a big fan of Odell this year.

Ugly sweaters are all the rage rig…

Week in Photos: Week 51

I love wrapping gifts!

My daily/weekly to-do lists last week at work… it was a busy week!

Peppermint chocolate ganache swirls.

On top of brownie bites!

I get so giddy over Christmas-themed things!

Lloyd was pretending to be dirty laundry.

Tried to take a photo of the tree lights at work, ended up with a cool sky photo instead.

This is what happens when I ask Shawn to make dinner.

These salted caramels were a team effort at work. (Wrapping all of them is time-consuming!)

Shawn is such a cat whore.

I made homemade muesli for my dad for Christmas!

My sister’s boyfriend made a birch tree out of cardboard!


Champagne, anyone?

I’m not usually a fan of mushrooms, but I had four or five of these…


Sylvester adds a nice contrast to our bedsheets.

Last week was another heavy work-load week. I'm getting some overtime in, that's for sure! Just one more day to go and then I have two days off, then I go back in on Friday, and then I have two more days off! I sp…

The Cats and the Christmas Tree

One of our primary concerns when we got last year's tree was how Lloyd would react to it... and we felt the same way this year with Sylvester. Lucky for us, neither of these guys are tree climbers! They're both content just laying underneath it all day. We've had a handful of ornaments fall off the bottom branches, but we think it's from them brushing up against the tree rather than trying to play with them. All in all, our little guys have great tree manners!

Looks like Santa left us a... cow?

Last year I bought two monogram ornaments for Shawn and I, as well as one for Lloyd. I felt bad that Sylvester didn't have one too, so I bought one for him this year! (I think it's this year's version of Lloyd's from last year...) I also found a cute fox ornament, and since we call Sylvester Sly because he looks a bit fox-ish, I thought it appropriate to buy. Funny thing is, when it arrived, one of it's ears were broken! Just like Sylvester's!

Now I just …

Week in Photos: Week 50

The best blackberry thumbprints ever!

Apparently none of you want any cookies this year... well, you're missing out! Between those thumbprints and these turtle cookies... I'm excited about the cookie assortment I have planned!

I can't decide if Sylvester was trying to hug Shawn, or choke him. This is every morning for Shawn.

Decided to add a little prehistoric flair to some of my presents this year.

Anyone getting a gift from me should expect a few stray cat hairs in the packaging.

These petit fours made me excited about making petit fours again!

Maybe I have a dirty mind... but the snowflake cutter looks like a bunch of penises to me.

They're much less dong-like once baked though! (PS. Alton Brown's rolled sugar cookie recipe is THE BEST.)

I made chocolate covered cheesecakes for our special holiday tea menu.

And salted caramels. Which I actually have the recipe for here, holy shit!

We celebrated our anniversary at Rosa Blanca (SO GOOD!) with my parents and my br…