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Week in Photos: Week 47

My most favorite photo right now.

Muesli layers.

Perfectly wavy bacon strips.

I'm so jealous that he gets to hang out in bed with the cats every single morning when I'm leaving for work...

Messy cake balls. Not that kids care whether they look messy or not...

I wanted to eat this beautiful cheese plate, but it was for a catering order :(

It snowed in the kitchen! Just kidding.
I'm such a jerk for posting photos of food all the time but no recipes.

The cutest little quinoa salad cups.

I made turkey chili. And it was spicy. Like, super spicy.

Graffiti Bar in Philly, with two lovely lady friends/colleagues.

It was like a mojito and a moscow mule combined, and it was delicious.

We shared so many delicious plates. The fried spicy shrimp was the best!

Naked eclairs! Without their chocolate robes; how naughty!

I woke up with this guy on my chest.

Did someone say cat heaven?

Bought some friends a bonsai as a housewarming gift.

The most beautiful pizza. Do you like Hawaiian pizza? We love it!

I totally folded and bought myself a coat. Went for the olive to deviate from my usually 'safe' color choice (black). I kindof love it!

The only thing I ever bake at home anymore.

This was a great week, filled with friends and food. (The only two requirements to a great week, honestly.) I went downtown after work for a dinner date with two friends and after getting some drinks at Graffiti Bar and walking around the city trying to find a decent restaurant with less than a 45-minute wait (Philly was packed for a Thursday night!), we found ourselves back at Graffiti Bar for more drinks and a few shared plates. It's an outdoor bar, but they have huge heat lamps that keep it cozy in there even on the coldest nights. On Saturday I drove across the Ben Franklin bridge to catch up with an old friend and her girlfriend at their new place; we ate meatloaf and mashed potatoes and brownies, and I brought them a beautiful bonsai tree that I almost kept for myself. And Sunday Shawn was actually off from work for once, so we got to spend the day lounging around together after I got home from my shift at the yoga studio. What an awesome weekend! I can't say it was particularly productive, but sometimes life doesn't have to be. Of course I folded and bought myself a new winter coat which arrived on Friday, right before the temperatures worked their way back up into the 50s. (And they're calling for low 70s tomorrow!! What is this madness?!) But then they're predicting snow for Wednesday (I love snow, but couldn't it wait until after we have to drive to New Jersey for the holiday?), so chances are I'll get to wear my new coat soon enough.

I hope you had an amazing weekend, and that you have fun things planned for the week ahead. I'm looking forward to an extra day off work this week, to seeing my siblings and checking out our friends' new (first!) house, and to cashing in on Shawn's birthday gift to me this Saturday. (I'm not saying more than that - you'll see! I've been excited about it since July!)


  1. These are awesome pictures :) Love your blog!

  2. This weather is seriously madness. I braced for the cold this morning even after checking the weather report (and being in disbelief) but all I got was a warm breeze while waiting for the bus. I can't wrap my head around it! Enjoy your upcoming week! Sounds like you have lots to look forward to (can't wait to hear about the birthday gift cash-in!). xo

  3. Oh man that cheese plate look amazing!! The bonsai is super cute, I would have struggled with giving it away too. Hope this week is just as great as the last one was!

  4. Those cake balls DO NOT look messy, they look so perfect! And I want to eat all of them. Every single one.

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  5. Thank you!! I'm so happy you enjoy it!

  6. Yep! And now it's supposed to be warm again this week. My sniffly nose is never going to go away if things keep on like this...

  7. I wanted to eat everything on that cheese plate. And I loved your recent post about bonsais!

  8. Thank you!! If they wouldn't melt within minutes, I'd mail you some!


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