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Week in Photos: Week 46

This is what autumn looks like.

Our turkey taco game is on point.

Philadelphia at night is a whole different city.

Science After Hours at The Franklin Institute. Science, booze, and big kids.

I walked through a giant heart!

It wasn't a contest, but I won!

Never been this close to one of those before.

I had a little fun with my hair. Knots knots knots!

This is the view from the observatory at The Franklin Institute.

We're cat-sitting for some friends for a few days.

"Hey! You're not my human!"

I've been working a Sunday desk shift at a yoga studio in exchange for free classes! It's like nectar for my muscles.

Bought myself a new bracelet. I like it.

Couldn't resist the purple cauliflower at the farmer's market. That color!

Add a little egg and some cheese and you've got yourself an omelet.

My dad posted this on my wall and then I found this cat at TJ Maxx. So cute.
(That tea is super yummy but it slips through every strainer I have!)

Last weekend I switched the two closets we have (one is for cleaning supplies/storage, the other is for all my clothes) and now they're both so much better organized; this weekend we switched the two bedrooms because the one stays really warm and the other stays really cold. Neither one of us can sleep when we're a sweaty mess, so after five months of hoping it would get better, we finally decided to do something about it. Now the bedroom is spacious (and cold!) and the office is cozy (and warm!). Things are finally starting to come together around here. Maybe I'll get some stuff up on the walls this week and finally post some photos... if you care to see them!

Hope you had a great weekend!


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