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Week in Photos: Week 44

A good week always starts with a cat in a box.

I got new running shoes! But now it's dark out by the time I leave work :(

This was before daylight savings time.

Go ahead, take a leek.

Always cats in the morning. Always.

Pumpkin cheesecake swirly goodness.

Sure, just drizzle a little chocolate on there!

This month's scone is my favorite. Toffee pecan. Mmmm!

Bacon, brussels sprouts, and beer. What's not to like?

I walked into the living room and found a scene similar to this one.

When colleagues bring you blueberry donuts from the amish pastry stand, you say Thank You and Nom Nom Nom.

My phone takes photos on its own. And then it loses some of the photos I take!

Decaf americanos don't make for pretty photos like cappuccinos do.

Did someone say nachos? None for you.

Beer braised bratwurst (I like foods that start with Bs, apparently) from Jones.

Their decor there was retro and... amusing. I loved the shag carpet the most.

Goodbye October, Hello November! I'm really looking forward to this month, mostly because it's not jam-packed with plans and activities. October was a super busy month for me, and although I enjoyed everything I got to do, I'm happy to get a chance to rest and not do much of anything this month. We didn't do anything for Halloween (unless you count falling asleep on the couch around 9:30pm as doing something...) but I had a fun Sunday to bring in the new month. My boss at work took us all to a play at the Lantern Theatre downtown, followed by dinner at Jones, which was tasty and fun! If you're in Philly and you like eclectic comfort food, check it out. Their cocktail list was pretty much on point. But then again, I'm an old southern gentleman when it comes to my taste in cocktails.

I hope you had an awesome week!!


  1. what a nice boss! I'm gonna have to try bacon brussels pasta now, yum,

  2. It's dark when I get home from work now too. Boo! Haha that photo of Lloyd actually reminded me of ET when I saw it.

  3. Do it!

  4. ET! I didn't even think of that! I totally see it though.


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