Thursday, November 20

Quintessentially Me

coat: thrifted / scarf: LOFT / shirt: Gap / pants: Anthropologie / shoes: Seychelles

Do you have an item of clothing that feels quintessentially you? Something that screams your name when you see it because it's OMG-the most perfect _____, ever, no question about it, and when you wear it out you feel like anyone that sees you is getting an accurate representation of your true character? That's these pants for me. I bought them over five years ago, after coveting them online for months... (they were on my Pinterest wish list, back when Pinterest first started out...) and I finally stumbled upon one lonely pair on the clearance rack for a quarter of their original price. They were a size too big when I bought them, and I had every intention of getting them tailored... but I just never got around to it. Good thing, too, because now they fit me almost perfectly! I don't know whether I should be happy that they fit now, or if I should be upset... that they fit now. Either way, they fit now!!!

I wore these downtown with some girlfriends the other night to The Franklin Institute for their Science After Hours event (side note: which was AWESOME). On our way there, a bum called me a "clown with wings" (in reference to all of us looking like angels, after also saying a few other things to us that were hilariously inappropriate and should not be repeated on the internet...) I don't know if he meant my pants, my hair, or the whole shebang, but I guess he wasn't too far off. Anyone who knows me in real life will tell you I am a bit of a clown. I'm clumsy, I'm silly, and I like ridiculous things. Maybe these pants are a little over the top for some people, but they're just right for me! And if they help show off my silly side, then so be it. I love them, and I love my silly self, and I'm gonna keep on rockin' both.

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  1. you are the master of rocking pants that no one else could pull off (or at least not me:) style and grace....
    #true beauty

  2. Those pants are super cool! I'm not sure what piece of clothing I have that screams "me", now I'm on a mission to figure that out!


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