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Comfort in Familiarity

jacket, shirt, pants, boots: Anthropologie / necklace: local jeweler

In my last post I talked about my fall fashion formula. This outfit is very much in those lines, although the only thing I'm actually repeating here is the jacket. I own two pairs of black denim, that pair, and this pair. This pair was a revelation for me; it's my first high-waisted pair of pants and I love them. Finally, a pair of pants that stays on when you bend and squat! A pair of pants that doesn't need to be adjusted or pulled up constantly! A pair of pants that don't require a belt (that, let's face it, is pretty useless most of the time anyway)! The only downside to high-waisted pants? They're not food friendly. Every time I've worn these out to a big meal, the first thing I want to do when I get home is peel them off. But aside from that, they're perfect! And did you spot the fun back detail on this otherwise basic t-shirt? Love it. Also, yay for good hair days! It's growing so fast! Six months ago, it felt like it might never reach my chin, and now it curls so beautifully underneath it. I need to go through my photos and do a growing-out-a-pixie-cut roundup. It'll be a year in January!


  1. Hmm, high waisted jeans sound like just what I have been looking for! I really hate how anytime I bend over I have to be worried about my whole backside showing, and I am definitely always pulling my pants up. -_- These photos are cute!

  2. Love the look! & fall color combo! Soo if you're not wearing those black mid calf boots, I'm totally willing to take them off your hands :D

  3. Get a pair! They're pretty much the only pants I wear. I hate wearing belts, and I hate having to pull up my pants. The other benefit to the high waist is you can wear cropped shirts and still feel covered :)


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