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Cold Weather Covets

The weather has gotten colder and I find myself reaching for my warmer sweaters and coats. I've also realized that most of my winter coats and fleeces are pretty old now and could use a replacement. My dilemma has been whether to go for practical or stylish. I'm in love with the wool coat from Modcloth, but I also know I could definitely use a 3-in-1 jacket, or at least a water-proof weather-resistant outer layer. Or do I just keep my current water-proof jacket and just buy a new warm fleece to wear with it? Decisions! (First-world problems!) But my heart still wants that Modcloth coat. I've also been on the fence about buying rain boots because I hadn't found a pair I liked enough to splurge on... until now. Here are some of the things I've been coveting.

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What cold weather clothing have you been coveting lately?


  1. I'm always going back and fourth between practical and stylish coats as well! For the past few years I've worn my nice peacoat which isn't all that warm.. But so far this year I have been reaching for my bulky coat with the fur lined hood which is a lot warmer, but not very stylish. Although the main reason is because keeping a wool coat free of cat hair is IMPOSSIBLE. And I just don't have the time in the mornings to spend 20 minutes getting it looking presentable. :p

  2. I definitely make it a point to look for wool coats that have a high percentage of wool in them. My warmest coat is also my fanciest coat, and I wore it a ton last year because it was so cold for so long... that's why I'm on the hunt for another warm one that I can wear so I don't wear my fancy coat to death! I agree about the cat hair... though I think that applies to EVERYTHING, not just coats ;)


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