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Week in Photos: Week 42

I know I'm a baker and I'm supposed to like all sorts of fancy pastries and things... but my absolute favorite thing is a chewy, melty, chocolatey chip cookie.

This can't end well.


I so rarely get to see the world from the passenger's point of view.

A behemoth spider made that.

I think it was that behemoth spider.

The pot pie tops at work look like miniature pillows to me.

The easiest cinnamon rolls ever... thaw a sheet of puff pastry, spread some melted butter on top, top with a mix of brown sugar and cinnamon, roll, slice, bake.

Don't forget the icing!

I made a ton of s'mores bars for a bunch of teenage soccer players. I hope they liked them!

One of my colleagues got married on Friday... this card was oddly appropriate since we work at a tea shop!

Her something blue!

A very talented bearded man playing with fire.

Part of me wishes this were in focus. Part of me loves that it's blurry.

A wedding with a whole roasted pig and all the southern sides? Yes please!

Beautiful leaves on the way to the ceremony.

The best way to end a busy week!

This week was full of whimsey and fun things, and yet, I'm glad it's over. Partly because it was the busiest week of the month for me, and partly because now it's my birthday week! The biggest thing I'm excited about is getting to meet Joy The Baker Tuesday night at her book signing!!! I'm sad that I wasn't able to get tickets to her demo and Q&A before the signing, but it's no big deal, because I still get to say "Hey guuuurl!", and get her fancy handwriting in my book (which is full of awesome recipes) and that's all that really matters. Then Wednesday, on my actual birthday, I have the day off work so I get to do whatever the heck I want! Which will probably involve putting on a pretty dress and sitting around watching episodes of Revenge most of the day, and eating cookies to my stomach's content. Sounds like the best ever.

I hope you had an amazing week!!


  1. I would cry if I saw those spiders :-O

  2. Haha I always try to hold all of my cats at once but it usually ends badly. Gahh those are some freaky spiders! Happy birthday week! I hope it's awesome!

  3. We only saw one spider... which means either he built all those webs himself because he's a really intelligent spider, or there were other spiders there that we didn't see. Hm.... I'm not sure which of those thoughts scares me more.

  4. I let Shawn hold both cats... I'm too scared to try it myself. I don't think they would hurt me, or each other, but you never know! And thanks!!


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