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Week in Photos: Week 41

If you live in northeast America you probably heard about the eclipse that happened on Monday morning. Since I work from 3:30am - 6am on Mondays, I actually caught the beginning of it! The moon was almost fully eclipsed when I left to drive home. I didn't catch the blood moon, but it was pretty neat to watch the full moon slowly get covered up!

Last week, Shawn and I went to IKEA to buy a dining table I'd had my eye on... and they were sold out of it! So I went back as soon as they restocked and then spent the evening putting it together on my own while Shawn was at work. It only took me about 45 minutes. (Or, two episodes of Good Eats, which is on Netflix finally!!)

The cats were trying to figure out if I was doing it right and how they could help.

Voila! I promise it hasn't fallen apart yet, so I must have done alright.
Now those chairs look out of place though. One thing at a time!

The beautifully painted windows at Tired Hands.

An eerie pre-storm shot. Or maybe post-storm... I can't remember.

The temperatures dropped last week so I pulled my winter stuff out of storage. Coats, scarves, and boots. The cats wanted to make sure I got it all. Hm... I have a lot of boots. And scarves. Seems like I'm more of a cold-weather gal!

One of my colleagues (Thanks, Jami!!!) gave my other colleague and I tickets to a Union game.... we each brought a girlfriend and the four of us had a great time! Their season is almost over, but I'm planning on bringing my siblings to a game or two next year.

Doesn't he know you're not supposed to argue with the Ref?

Serious/pretty photos are not our forte. Silly is more fun anyway.

Sunday's lunch of champions. Shawn jazzed up that mac n' cheese with some tomatoes and other things.

Another colleague recently went to Turkey and brought everyone back a bracelet. She said the orange and purple made her think of me. I love it!

It goes really well with the bracelet I got from the Clover Market, which goes really well with another bracelet that my mom gave me. At least, I think that's where it came from. I'm really bad at this whole 'memory' thing.

I made some damn good chocolate chip cookies. It may be time to update the recipe on here. Also, it's been cold enough to wear my moccasin slippers!

Shawn and I have been living in our apartment for almost six months now, but we've been struggling to make it feel like home. (That's why I haven't really shared many photos of it!) All of our furniture has been accumulated over the last five years for four different places... and at this point it is either falling apart from being moved so often, or it just doesn't fit our current space or aesthetic. I insisted on buying a new dining table because I had a feeling it would work in our space, and that it might prompt a few other small changes, and I was right - on both accounts! Now that Shawn and I have fine-tuned what items of furniture we're looking to replace and what kind of style we're looking for, we're going to be keeping an eye on the local thrift stores to see if anything pops up. We're hesitant to buy brand new items because of the cost, and also the fact that we don't know where we are going to be five years from now and would prefer to avoid having to move too many things again in the near future. But I think we'll both be happier once our space looks a little more put together. Hopefully a fresher space will help get our creative juices flowing again!

I'm super excited for this week because I'm getting a much-needed haircut tomorrow, going to a wedding Friday night, and meeting some new like-minded ladies at a little get-together I was invited to Saturday evening. Hey, I told you October was going to be a busy month for me!

I hope you had an amazing weekend!


  1. Um, can I just say that storing seasonal clothing and gear in suitcases is about the most genius thing I've ever seen? Why didn't I think of that before?? xo

  2. We had a similar experience when buying our ikea couch, made all these plans to take the hour trip to ikea and borrow a truck, and sure enough, sold out! Glad you were able to get your table though, it looks great! And that's awesome you put it together yourself, my husband would not trust me to do that, haha. That IS a totally awesome idea to store winter/summer clothes in a suitcase!

  3. Seriously! Because what else are suitcases good for? Actually, I didn't think of it until we moved and our current apartment has two small closets... so we put a few things in a storage unit in the basement, and I figured I may as well use the suitcases while they're not in use. Ha!

  4. IKEA's website is surprisingly convenient for showing you what's in stock at each store and how much of each item... I just wish I had known that before heading over there. Thankfully the closet IKEA is only a half hour drive away. And I didn't even tell Shawn I was going to get the table (he knew I wanted it, he just didn't know I went to see if it was restocked...), so I figured it'd be a nice surprise :) I'm actually really surprised it took me less than an hour to put together!


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