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Pumpkin Picking Perfection

sweater, pants, scarf: Anthropologie / boots: Palladium

I'm trying to step-up my outfit photo game... with props (that basket may look out of place, but it was filled with gourds and pumpkins!) and different camera angles. I don't think I'm quite there yet (I think my ten year old camera has a lot to do with that, and my lack of proper photography skills... black and white makes everything better!) but these are significantly better than the photos I've been taking since I got my new phone. The phone wasn't quite cuttin' it for me when it came to outfit photos, so I pulled the ol' camera and tripod back out. Now if I could only get the light in my apartment to cooperate!

On a different note, I'm so happy it's scarf and sweater season!! And if you couldn't guess, I wore this to go pumpkin picking. I don't own anything in orange, so I went for cozy instead. I could say this is my favorite sweater... but I think I say that about all my sweaters. Hey, I'm not picky. Except when it comes to pumpkins. (ka-pow!)


  1. I like these photos! Your outfit definitely looks super cozy and perfect for an autumn day picking pumpkins!


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