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Picking Pumpkins at Milky Way Farm

When my friend invited me to go pumpkin picking on Sunday, I thought about how long it has been since I last went pumpkin picking... definitely over ten years! So of course the answer was yes! She drove us to a farm owned by the family of her elementary school teacher; she goes there every year to pick up a few pumpkins for her front stoop and to help support a local farm (all good things in my book!). The whole place was definitely set up for children (and there were plenty of them around); the pumpkins had been pre-picked and placed out in the field, and there were lots of farm animals, including a three week old baby cow! Of course, we're both big children so we appreciated it all just the same.

And then we saw this sign and couldn't help ourselves...
especially since the farmhouse/whole property reminded us of season two of The Walking Dead.

Pumpkin picking was fun! I brought home a few small ones, along with some funky gourds and some corn. The farm also has a creamery next door where they serve all sorts of delicious ice cream flavors named after their cows. We were definitely all up in that place! Can you say banana chocolate chunk and vanilla cookie dough ice creams five times fast? Doesn't matter, as long as you can eat it! Shawn was upset that I didn't bring home one of their take-home quarts... oh well, looks like we'll have to make another visit to Milky Way Farms...


  1. That looks like such a neat place! We always just get our pumpkins from the grocery store but this looks like way more fun. Those ice cream flavors sound amazing!

  2. Grocery store pumpkins are probably cheaper, but at least with the farm you know where they're coming from and that you're helping to support them. They had sooooo many ice cream flavors... it was hard to pick only two!


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