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Week in Photos: Week 39

I reorganized our kitchen and living room and found a way to display my fun napkins. All two of them...

Putting things into focus.

It makes me so happy to see these two getting along so well!

Lloyd is a curious little guy.

I was trying to take a photo of a squirrel with an apple in the bush.

This would make a good background for something.

This burrito bowl was not what I was expecting!

Mushroom mushroom (badger badger badger badger).

Trying things on at Anthropologie. (There's an extra 25% off sale!)

I bought this dress. And a really cool necklace.

Then I went to Terrain and didn't want to leave. (More photos later this week!)

I bought some things there too.

Jazzing up my little corner of our office.

Went to the Clover Market this morning and I found three (3!!!) more Smurf glasses.
Now I'm only missing Hefty, Handy, and Clumsy before my collection is complete.

We recently fired one of our two line-cooks at work, so I've been mixing a little line work into my regular baking routine. I'm going to be working pretty much every other Saturday until we hire a replacement, which limits my weekend time (and of course October is the month when everyone want to make plans!), but it's a fun change of pace to work the line again. I used to be a line cook in the pastry kitchen at a fine dining restaurant (back in 2009) but doing that 45-50 hours per week made me realize I preferred the prepping/baking part of my day over working the line. But I can handle an 8 hour line shift every two weeks! It just feels so good when things run smoothly in-and-out of the kitchen. Plus, working 6-day weeks really makes me appreciate 5-day work weeks.

I hope you had an awesome week!!


  1. Haha! I totally remember that badger badger badger thing. Good ole early internet days. I love that dress you got!

  2. I kinda miss the old internet days. And thanks!


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