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Week in Photos: Week 38

Shawn woke up to the smell of bacon on his birthday.

We love playing find the Lloyd...

Taco taco taco

Soooo delicious!

If you empty the boxes, the cats will come.

Seriously though.

Who's hiding behind that sun beam?

Ah, that's who!

Men on a roof at work. I think I got caught taking a photo!

Lloyd sleeps in the weirdest ways.

Had lunch where I work for the first time ever!

Haven't done a farmer's market post in a while... plus, the teeniest tomato!

Not a lot of photos this week, mainly because not a lot happened this week. Shawn turned 30 on Monday, and since he's not really into celebrating his birthdays, we kept it quiet with some tacos, beer, and football. He thinks he's too old now, but I can't wait to turn thirty! Maybe it's just me, but I think people take you more seriously once you're thirty-something. Before thirty, people don't value your opinion because "you're still young, you still have so much to learn...", but we spend our whole lives learning! It shouldn't matter how old we are.

So, Shawn's birthday, and the 5K I ran with my siblings... that's about it! Things have been slow at work, so I haven't had much to take photos of there either. Hopefully this week will be more eventful.

I hope you had a fantastic week!


  1. Haha I've always looked forward to turning thirty as well for the same reasons! Those tacos look sooo good!


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