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Week in Photos: Week 36

Started the week with a day off, so I pulled out all the stops and made some brioche buns from scratch...

...and some pulled pork to go with them. Would any of you be interested in the recipe for either of those?

I amazed myself by successfully parallel parking in a space that left me maybe a foot of space on either side.
I've become a pro at parallel parking since we've moved.

My friend/colleague and I have been jogging together after work.
I enjoyed a little Bon Appetit and a Dale's at her place afterwards.

Work has been a little slow this past month, so I was super excited to have a few larger orders this past week!

Not the most attractive photo, I know... but I wanted to show you how the pasties look like stegasauruses before they go in the oven!

...because don't you make exaggerated faces (and marbled brownies) at work too?

Lloyd came back from the vet feeling groggy, so Sylvester kept him company for a few hours.

Pastry tray! Brownies, lemon bars, and carrot cupcakes.

Some of these chocolate strawberries took a spill in the walk-in...

I've been trying out new designs on the petit fours, to keep myself from getting bored with them.

Homemade burrito bowl from pulled pork leftovers! We had pulled pork for days.

Sylvester has learned how to properly use a pillow.

The most gloriously beautiful bounty of peppers at the market!

The result of Shawn leaving his coffee + milk out over night. I thought it looked kinda cool.

Shawn said he was going out for pastries, and this is what he came back with.

The clouds were awesome yesterday! My brother and his girlfriend visited and we went to Chanticleer.
Tons more photos later this week!

The negatives to balance out the positives of last week were that I got two parking tickets, and I pulled my lower back on Saturday while organizing my closet. Ugh, to be an adult. Let's hope this week fares a bit better!


  1. Yes to the recipe please! Everything looks too good!

  2. Oh my gosh I am amazed at your parking job! I can't parallel park to save my life.
    Those buns look AMAZING!

  3. Yes to the brioche recipe!! I love pulled pork, too. The leftovers are somehow even better than the first night. Now I'm hungry, haha. And that pack of Birthday Frosting Chips Ahoy isn't helping!! Are they any good? Too sweet? I must know!
    Hope your back feels better soon. xo

  4. Thanks!! And yeah, I was pretty proud of myself with that one.

  5. Recipes it is, then! And leftovers of anything slow cooked are always better! I have no idea about the chips ahoy because I didn't have any... but I can ask my friend what she thought of them! They were just on the table, mocking me.


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