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Week in Photos: Week 35

These two. I love 'em!

S'mores sandwich cookies. I want S'MORES EVERYTHING lately!

Speaking of work, I made a s**t ton of scones in one day. Call me a sconer if you must.

I called him and he came running!

There is no cuter face.

Finally got my hands on one of Ben n' Jerry's core ice creams.

Oatmeal raisin sandwiched with maple buttercream. It's all yours!

Tried my hand at some zucchini fritters to switch it up in the squash department.

I made some s'mores bars that I hand-delivered to an instagram friend.

We got lunch from Talula's Daily and then stopped for delicious ice cream from The Franklin Fountain.

So many options! I got the Whirly Berley. (Chocolate ice cream with nougat, caramel swirl, and cocoa nibs) (!!!)

We should all pause for paws.

Finally went to the Renaissance Faire this weekend! More photos to follow this week!

Hope you had an awesome Labor Day weekend! Now back to the daily grind.


  1. This post made me hungry! Haha. I've never made zucchini fritters before but I've been wanting to try, they sound really yummy.

  2. Ahhh I love the renaissance fair! We used to go to the one in Stirling NY. hehe, sconer.

  3. Such a sconer! That's great. And we're going to that ice cream parlor when killy and I are in town!

  4. Sounds like a plan! It was delicious! There's always a long wait though, apparently.


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