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Fun Finds Friday #71

It has been a while since my last fun finds post! My Fridays have been surprisingly busy... or perhaps not busy, just long and involved, and by the time I get home I don't want to sit down and write out a post. I've been trying to be better about prepping posts for the week, but that never ends up happening. But I had time this morning, so here are some fun finds!

This is so me.

Who else wants to go to the National Beard & Mustache Championships?

How cool is this necklace?!

+ You should read this post about gratitude.
+ Seven movies to watch when you want to cry. (When do you ever want to cry...?)
+ We don't have kids, or plan to, but I still enjoyed reading this piece about homeschooling.
+ Hermits exist! That was a fun article to read.
+ Have you heard about Professor Dumpster?
+ Pay attention to the details.

Happy Friday!!


  1. just had a look at that etsy seller, beautiful stuff! I love her origami bird necklace too. Beard and mustache championships would be brilliant!!

  2. Haha I love that shirt, it's too true! Interesting article about unschooling. I was home schooled and while I appreciated not being in a classroom all day, I also felt that I barely learned anything and was extremely overwhelmed and way behind when I started college. I think being home schooled or unschooled through your childhood is a wonderful idea, but it becomes very hard once you reach high school years. For me at least!

  3. She has so many fun things in her shop! I want it all! And I don't think I could keep a straight face at the beard and mustache championships.

  4. I do agree that it's probably best to integrate kids into the public/private school system at some point; high school is what I've heard from other folks as well. I suppose it all depends upon what the child's focus is. I don't think a person who wants to be a doctor would necessarily benefit from home schooling, but a person who wants to take over their parents' farm doesn't really need the traditional school education. The tough thing is that people rarely know what path they want to follow when they're at the age to make these decisions.

    I think I wouldn't be any worse off had I been home schooled, since college was never something I was serious about pursuing. But then I wonder if I had gone to private school instead of public, if I would have a different opinion about college as well...


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