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Cat Life / Bag Life

Our cats are obsessed with paper bags. Every time we come back from Trader Joe's, it's a battle between the two of them for who gets to lay inside the bag first. The winner (usually Lloyd) takes his place inside the paper bag throne, while the loser sits patiently next to the bag, until he can't take it any more, at which point he starts batting at the outside of the bag until the other cat finally crawls out. Then, if we leave the bag sitting out for a few days, they both proceed to lay there and only there. These photos are proof of why there's no real market for cat beds.

Ah, to be a cat!


  1. Hehe! Mine get so wild with paper bags that they usually end up tearing them to shreds after a day or so! I bought a really nice (and expensive!) cat bed for my cats when I first got them, and they have never even so much as looked at it! Should have just gotten them three cardboard boxes, haha.

  2. This post just cracked me up!! It's so funny to see them inside their bag. Oh, cat life!

  3. Lloyd likes to chew on the paper, so we find little shreds all over the carpet. He also chews on cardboard boxes! And yeah, I've never met a cat who sleeps in a cat bed.

  4. They're so silly! The simple life.


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